£14 995
£13 995

VW Transporter Caravelle 9 Seater

Type Cars, MiniBus
Mileage 136600ml
Engine 2.0 TDi
Year 2016
Color White

VW Transporter Caravelle 9 Seater

VW Transporter campervan conversion or sale in Grimsby.

This stunning VW Transporter Caravelle has all the features you’d expect with switch-around/foldable seats & immaculate interior, making it perfect for a camper van conversion with a touch of luxury.

All our vehicles are regularly serviced, well maintained and loved making them the perfect choice for camper van conversion.

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Technically the Caravelle is a van. A van with lots of seats and some windows, where normally you’d find a vast expanse of nothing and some sheet metal respectively, but a van nonetheless.

However to dismiss this new one as little more than a sanitised Volkswagen Transporter is doing the new ‘T6.1’ Caravelle a massive disservice, as you’ll discover if you do the decent thing and carry on reading.

Firstly, you mustn’t confuse the Caravelle with the Transporter Shuttle, which actually is a van with windows and seating for up to nine passengers.

What males the VW Caravelle great for camper conversions?
Caravelles are what they use on The Apprentice to shuttle contestants about London – business busses, in which important business people can discuss important business things on their way to important business meetings.

The seats swivel so you can stare your important business partner in their important business face, there’s a clever sliding/folding table for your top secret important business documents and blinds on the windows to keep prying eyes from observing all the important business within.

  • 9 Seater
  • Air Con
  • Bluetooth
  • Car Computer
  • Foldable Seating
  • FSH
  • Navigation system
  • Privacy Windows

VW Transporter Caravelle 9 Seater

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