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Amvale School Buses & Coaches

Amvale School Buses and Coaches, based in Grimsby, has been a cornerstone in student transportation for over two decades.

This esteemed company is renowned for its reliable services, safely transporting hundreds of children to school every day.

Amvale’s commitment to excellence extends to providing specialized care for children with special educational needs, ensuring every child arrives at their destination comfortably and securely.


Unrivalled Reputation & Service

Established 20 years ago, Amvale has built a stellar reputation for safety, dependability, and quality service.

Their fleet is impressive, with vehicles ranging from 16 to 70 seats, accommodating a wide variety of transportation needs.

All drivers employed by Amvale are fully qualified, with comprehensive background checks, including DBS clearance and substance testing, to guarantee the highest level of safety and trust for the children in their care.

Specialised/Medical/Wheelchair Accessible Coaches

Understanding the diverse requirements of their passengers, Amvale offers an array of medical and wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

These specialized vehicles are designed to cater to any need, providing accessible and inclusive transport solutions.

The company’s dedication to inclusivity and comfort for all children, regardless of their physical abilities, sets it apart as a leader in the field of student transportation.


school coaches & buses grimsby cleethorpes

Grimsby & Cleethorpes Premier Bus & Coach Service

Amvale’s services are not limited to daily school runs; they also undertake regular contract work, providing consistent and reliable transportation solutions for schools and educational institutions.

Their ability to offer tailored transportation plans ensures that they can meet the unique demands of their clients, whether it be for daily commutes, field trips, or special events.

In summary, Amvale School Buses and Coaches in Grimsby is a trusted and respected provider of student transportation services.

With a proven track record, a diverse fleet, and a commitment to safety and inclusivity, Amvale continues to set the standard for excellence in transporting children to school.

What Else do we do?

And we don’t just hire cars for Humberside Airport, we have a very long line of happy long and short-term rental customers.

If you require a longer-term, commercial rental, or even specialist medical transportation, get in touch and find out what Amvale can do for you today.